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Faacto is the only personalized lifestyle modification programme that uses your DNA insights to determine your health goals and provide simplified daily tasks to achieve the same.

What can you expect from this programme?





How do we work?

Take A DNA Test

A detailed X-ray of the human body, unique to every individual that provides a personal analysis of your health.
The test results are precise and accurate and provide a clear insight into your health status to make informed choices.
As simple as spitting into a tube provided in our kit, at the comfort of your home. No hospital appointments, prickly needles or long waiting hours.

Receive a comprehensive DNA report

The extensive range of your genes related to health, fitness and nutrition is analysed and explained in simple terms that are easy to understand and implement.

Our DNA report will provide you with a clear idea regarding your :

  • Nutritional Needs : Your traits will be analysed to detect the well-absorbing nutrients in your body and the deficient ones , basis which your dietary guidelines are charted.
  • Food Intolerances : DNA will reveal if you have any food intolerances and sensitivities like gluten, lactose, caffeine, etc. These foods will be advised to be eliminated from your diet.
  • Fitness Necessities : Your genes will also reveal the kinds of exercises that will work best for your body and provide faster results and even the ones that may have an injury risk.
  • Personal Medication : Understand how your body responds to certain drugs and medications to better manage your health and existing medical conditions.
  • Skin Conditions : Genetic data can also reveal the health of your skin and whether you’re at a risk of developing any skin disorders, enabling you to take precautions before hand.

Start your programme!

The My Faacto Programme will provide you with a one-time dietary guideline, spanned across 3 months. Your personal health coach will create your personalized programme based on your genetic reports, BMI and health goals. The food and lifestyle suggestions will focus on

  • Food Intolerances & Sensitivities: For instance, if your genes indicate gluten intolerance, you will be guided to stop gluten-containing foods and not ignore gastrointestinal problems, if any.
  • Fitness Genomics : If you have a poor power generation, you will be advised to add muscle building to your training programmes while avoiding sudden increase in training intensity.
  • Micronutrient Requirements :For instance, if your genotype indicates risk of Vitamin K deficiency, you will be suggested to include more Vitamin K foods in the diet and avoid self-medicating with supplements.
  • Food Intolerances & Sensitivities : For example, if your DNA shows an elevated risk of developing a chronic kidney disorder, you will be advised to limit salt intake and avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Fitness Genomics : If your genes detect a high risk of depression, you would be advised to follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep, and avoid overindulging in alcohol.

Connect with your personal health coach!

A personal health coach will be assigned for you whose expertise and experience will help in providing proper guidance for your lifestyle modification programme and assist you in your journey.
  • Identify your health goals : Get suggestions about what your health goals should be and the best way to achieve them.
  • Set weekly targets : Your coach will set weekly targets for you and provide simplified daily tasks to achieve those targets.
  • Clear doubts & concerns : In case you have any queries or you face any problems, the health coach will be available 24*7 to address your concerns

The Faacto Factor

Know what makes Faacto your best partner for personalized lifestyle modification.

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The DNA Based
Scientific Approach

Faacto makes health suggestions based solely on your DNA report, meaning as personalized and accurated as it can be.

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The entire program can be deliver be deliver through WhatsApp .

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Long-term Healthy
Habit Building

The 3 months programme will ensure that you develop good lifestyle habits that will benefit you in the long term.

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Medical Bills

DNA-based personalized programme to prepare you for preventive healthcare - meaning faster positive results and reduced medical bills in the future.

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